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We performed at our first 70's disco back in the 70's, so we know first hand the best floor filling Disco Dance classics. Back in the 1970s we used belt drive turntables, and in a hot, humid club the belt, which was made of rubber, could sometimes slip on the steel rim of the turntable. This would cause the the turntable to rotate at irregular speed and the music to slur. With old tech like this it was possible to improvise, the DJ could put a finger on the record and turn to help the record remain at the correct speed. Likewise if a record was badly scratched, a DJ trick was to put some coins on the needle arm to stop it jumping out of the groove.

Old skool 70s DJs will often make the claim that vinyl records sound better than digital formats, and there may be a element of truth to this. As long as your DJ has a good sound system a digital recording will produce the music almost exactly as it was recorded. However the tiny scratches on the surface of a vinyl record will be picked up by the needle and add a depth to the sound, a deep bass rumble. Today, although disco equipment is far more sophisticated then it was back in the 1970s back then there were less things to go wrong and many people would say the music has never been bettered.

Disco is by far the most popular 70s music style and acts like Rolls Royce, Gloria Gaynor and the Bee gees can still pack an empty dance floor at a Wedding party today. The 70's also saw the advent of Glam and Punk rock which had a strong influence on many pop acts of the 1980's. Themes are fun and if you are organizing a seventies party and your brave enough, go glamed up. Silver suites, platform shoes, and a with a quick splash of brute, you will really set the tone for a fabtastic 70's night disco party. If you are planning to host a 70's party you should hire a DJ with not only all the latest equipment but also the experience of actually being a 70s disco DJ. We know what will work at a 70's party today because we have the experience of playing the top 70's tunes of the day, back in the day. Pro Mobile Disco is Committed to making your 70's party a success. We also have vast experience in other kinds of themed events including.
  • Rock & roll parties
  • Soul and Motown nights
  • Cheesy tune party
  • Party Dance Party
  • Movie Music
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